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“The Gift of Cancer” by

Dr. Wendy Treynor


“Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology” by

Dr. Wendy Treynor

“The Gift of Cancer: Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure: A Treasure Map to Happiness!”


Featured Author Dr. Wendy Treynor

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“Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology: Understanding Human Cruelty, Human Misery, &, Perhaps, a Remedy (A Theory of the Socialization Process)”


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“Love is the Answer”

Whatever way you look at it, it’s true! Featured author Dr. Wendy Treynor offers both her memoir “The Gift of Cancer” as testimony and “Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology” as scientific proof that our basic state is love and our basic need is to be loved (unconditionally loved = loved without conditions or limits) and that this puzzle can be solved–this need can be filled– through self-love (by loving ourselves).

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